Nothing Lasts Forever… but Love

Usually my posts have an upbeat message. They mirror my life. Despite the tragedy and loss I have experienced, I strive to find the positive in each day. Today I am struggling. The waves of depression and anxiety have knocked me down hard and I’m only capable of coming up for survival breaths. These waves have knocked down before and I’ve emerged even stronger. They won’t last forever.

Grief in its rawest form looks like hopelessness. It feels like no happiness will ever fill my heart again. The physical drain has rendered me exhausted. The mental and emotional drain makes it hard to concentrate on anything. These are the symptoms of grief that come and go. They won’t last forever.

For almost four years now I have been a grieving mom. I have inhabited this Earth without my oldest son. Tears have poured out of my eyes for all that has been lost. They won’t last forever.

I will make it to the other side of these tough days. There will be smiles again. There will be happiness again. There will be laughter again. They won’t last forever. Love is the only thing that lasts forever. Love to heaven…

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