Writing has always been a passion for Cara. With B.A. in English, Cara chose to work as an editor in New York City. Quickly she advanced to Deputy Managing Editor and although she left that job to start a family, she has never stopped writing.

She dabbles in many genres, but most recently she has been published on The Mighty, Still Standing Magazine, The Grit and Grace Project, Inspire The Mind and Self Sufficient Kids, among others. She mainly writes non-fiction these days, chronicling her post traumatic growth journey after losing her oldest son.

Cara is working on her first book at the moment.

Latest Blog Posts

Blending The Broken Heart

Upon first glance at this paper heart, it probably strikes you as something a child created. The design is simple, colorful and easy to execute. It may inspire thoughts of love, or even childlike wonderment.  This was the work of yours, truly. Clearly, I am not an artist. I created this as part of a…

Nurture The Negative

“Nurture the negative”. This phrase came to me a few days ago while meditating and I have been contemplating the idea of it since.  Examining the semantics of the phrase leaves us wondering why one would choose to nurture negativity. It sounds counterintuitive. We want to nurture positivity and let that grow. Ultimately that is…

A Letter of Despair To Share

Dear Loyal Readers, For some reason letter form just feels right for this post. Since learning to trust myself has been a large piece of my personal work, I am going to act on it and trust myself. I write to you today as a mother just shy of her son’s 7th angelversary and her…