Journey Dance Guide

Join me in a spiritual movement practice as we transform all that is stuck into fluid. Blocked energy can affect us in a variety of ways. When we move, we open up the channels of our chakras to allow the energy to move freely.

We all experience adversity in this life. Learning tools to help us succeed in the face of adversity is the way forward. Through the use of imagery, affirmation, vocal toning and guided movement, we remove blocks and are able to vibrate at a higher level. In short, this means we are able to feel more love, positivity and joy.

Cara is adept at customizing classes to each group’s needs. She learned the healing power of Journey Dance after trying it at a grieving mother’s retreat in 2016. Since then, she has been hooked. As a guide she is able to hold a safe and sacred space for her students as they move their way through their practice.


“This was exactly what I needed. After my spiritual awakening in Hawaii this summer, I was afraid I lost it. Today restored it.” – Katie O.

“The alchemic fire is incredibly powerful. I was able to feel the weight of my emotions as I was throwing them in. Watching them burn and transmute was so healing.” – Susan T.

“You guided us so beautifully. I was able meet 2 inner guides. It was so wonderful the way you had us refer back to the message from our guides as the dance went on.” – Charisse C.

“It was like you knew exactly what I needed. Everything I have been struggling with came up and I was able to work through it.” – Jessika R.